Thursday, December 15, 2011

TRA - YYZ High (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

Tha Rhyme Animal "T.R.A." has just released his new single "YYZ High" Produced By TymE and mixed by PhameOne of GameTyme Studio. The song will be on TRA's new EP "Blunt Trauma" due for release January 2012. Official video is coming soon.

Download Link: TRA - YYZ High Prod. TymE

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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Puzzle EP prod by The Quarter Inch Kings

Puzzle's Like Yo has just been followed up with The Puzzle EP.   and is available in full EP version or mixed version (Dj Law). The all Quarter Inch Kings produced project also features The S.A.R.S Network's Caution, Talksick, T.R.A., Paradox & Tek-Man. The EP is available in 2 formats one fully mixed version (Dj Law) or album version (links below). The project was mixed and mastered by PhameOne of Game Tyme Studio (big thanks to Phame). But this is just the beginning for Puzzle, The PUZZLE EP is a perfect introduction to who he is as a artist. Pick up both versions here

                                                          TRA (thesarsnetwork) on Twitter

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Puzzle - Like Yo ft Tek Man & Paradox prod The Quarter Inch Kings

Here it is!!! The official Like Yo!!! Video is directed by Lyme Lyte Video, produced by TymE aka ECP, and mixed by PhameOne of Game Tyme Studios.. Puzzle joins up with his fellow SARS members Tek Man aka The Roll Model & Paradox and take you to the schools that they all attended, and areas they grew up in. The Video speaks for itself and definitely matches the incredible energy of the song. Want to thank everyone involved. Get ready for Puzzle The EP for now remember to download the DJ Pack

Puzzle - Like Yo Feat. Tek Man & Paradox DJ PACK:

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Puzzle Like Yo Behind the Scenes Video Celebrity Dru

Basically the title says it all Puzzle is giving his fans a quick behind the scene run down of his new video "Like Yo".
Puzzle - Like Yo Feat. Tek Man & Paradox DJ PACK:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Puzzle - Like Yo! ft Tek Man & Paradox (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings) AUDIO

Like Yo is the first single for upcoming Puzzle EP (named The EP) entirely produced by The Quarter Inch Kings. It features Tek Man & Paradox. The SARS Network's "Puzzle" first started recording songs in the late 90's, and made his first appearance on the well recognized Toronto mix tape S.A.R.S. Since then he has been featured on every S.A.R.S. mix tape to date. Puzzle is currently in the works of shooting an independent video for Like Yo (COMING SOON) . On stage Puzz has been described as "energetic and captivating", on the microphone he is referred to as "Mr. Punch line" one thing is for sure, he is definitely one artist to keep on your radar. Puzzle - The EP Coming Soon!

Puzzle - Like Yo Feat. Tek Man & Paradox DJ PACK:

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TRA - Sick (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings) VIDEO

If you combine The Sars Network and the Quarter Inch Kings the result is SICK. The latest TRA single "Sick" accompanied w official video (directed by Lyme Lyte Video Productions) came out earlier today and was produced by Verbs. For more from TRA check him out at or follow on twitter @THESARSNETWORK  More coming soon!

DJ Pack is avail here TRA - Sick (prod. by Verbs)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Puzzle - Put It In The Air (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

Put It In the Air was a song that came about from a beat that was originally done for one of the Main  Ingredient's (DJ Kingstun) beat battle shows, passed it over to Puzzle and here it is. The Puzzle EP is almost done the first single will be out on the next Made In Canada mixtape, Vol 6. Presented by TopLeft Recordings and Quarter Inch Kings. Check out Dj Kingstun's show and for more info on Puzzle and the whole Sars Network go to

Alex Dimez w King Jus - Green (prod. by The Quarter Inch KIngs)

This was the lead single from Alex Dimez's EP Twenty Dimez Featurig King Jus. The EP is avail for free download at Google him!! or follow on Twitter @ALEXDIMEZ

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sporadic - First Breath (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

Performed by Sporadic produced by TymE aka ECP This song appeared first on the M.I.C. Series mixtape Vol 1 and recently on The Best of M.I.C. Vol 1. (Mixed by DJ Law). Download it at More content coming.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nas - Purple RMX (by The Quarter Inch Kings)

It's been a very long time since we've posted anything so seeing as we have lot of old material we'll start putting some more up. The updates will come more frequently from this point on. Coming soon M.I.C. Vol 6 presented by TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings, and also The self titled Puzzle EP is also in the mixing stage so expect that shortly. Remember to follow us on Twitter as well

Monday, July 11, 2011

TopLeft Recordings and The Quarter Inch Kings present Best of M.I.C. Vol 1. Mixed by DJ LAW

It's been quite some time since we've posted anything up simply because the summer is here! This here is the next installment of the M.I.C. (Made In Canada)Series Mixtapes. Best Vol. 1. Brought to you by TopLeft Recordings and your truly The Quarter Inch Kings. Once again DJ Law holds it down on the 1's and 2's. (BIG s/o to Law!). For those wondering Vol 6 is coming soon! Check all links below to stay up to date.


Previous releases

TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 1
(Mixed by: Anonymous Twist)

TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 2

TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 3
(Mixed by: Anonymous Twist)

TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 4
(Mixed by: DJ Law)

TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 5
(Mixed by: DJ Law)

DJ Law

The Quarter Inch Kings

Crate Connect

TopLeft Recordings

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slang Hugh - Girl 6 (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings) from Boomerang Theory mixtape


For those of you who are un familiar with Slang Hugh you need to get caught  up. He's been in the Toronto scene quite awhile now; and has collaborated with such artists as Kardinal Offishall, IRS, and producers like Attic and TWrecks.  In 2006 Slang dropped his debut album ‘Minds Like Mine’ with double lead singles ‘Backspace’ featuring Drastic Measures (produced by Snooze) and ‘Watch Nothing’ (produced by Moss). This song is from Slang Hugh's latest project Boomerang Theory presented by Continuum Ent & FaceBoys Ent.. Song posted is named Girl 6 (track 21.) and is produced by TymE aka ECP. Boomerang Theory is the first volume in a trilogy named The Hues of Hugh. Each volume will reflect a different sides of the artist both personally and musically. Request the first single of the release called  ‘4EVER’ featuring D’vocalz google it and check the video on youtube.The download of the tape itself is avail. at   Hard copies are also available get at Slang by following on twitter @SlangHugh
Hip Hop is over 30 years old, so I’m on my grown man music…realistic music.” Slang Hugh

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scheme - Today Was Good (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

The new stuff is coming soon until then here is Scheme - Today Was Good. This song was released in 2006 when Scheme was still known as Rhyme Scheme. The album was put out by Molemen Records (out of Chicago) and called For My People. Scheme has been very busy over the last few years. Check Scheme out at follow him on Twitter @scheme773 you can check the label 


1. Intro
2. I'ma Make It
3. Son Of Our Time
4. Please God
5. For My People
6. Escape
7. Ghetto Child
8. Silent Night (Chicago Life)
9. Mis Angeles
10. Today Was Good
11. Would You
12. Die Tonight feat. Visual
13. Gotta Be A Better Way
14. El Velorio (The Wake)
15. Way Of The World
16. Nothin Gonna Stop Me feat. Visual
17. Be What I Wanna Be feat. Longshot

Producers: Mike Slugs; 21 Grams; Memo; PNS; Panik; Vincent Price; TymE aka ECP

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Edgar Allen Floe - Live Live (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

To keep the blog active with content as things are get released and worked on we are posting  more previously released songs. This song was released in Oct 2008 by Edgar Allen Floe on The Road to Streetwise mix tape as a prequel to his Streetwise album.
This was the official tracklisting:

1) Floe Intro (prod. J Wheels)
2) Settle The Score (Floe Verse)
3) Raw Live (Floe Verse)
4) I Don’t Know Why (prod. J Wheels)
5) The Dirt (w/Mal Demolish of The Undefined – prod. Erv)
6) This Is Your Life (w/Mal Demolish of The Undefined – prod. Blunt)
7) End Zone (prod. Blunt)
8) The Swag (prod. Aksim)
9) Money Money Floe Floe (Floe Verse)
10) Arkitekz (Floe Verse)
11) Confessions Under Fire (feat. Mal Demolish & Cazmere) (prod. Khrysis)
12) Walk These Streets Alone (w/Mal Demolish of The Undefined) (prod. Blunt)
13) Shine (prod. 9th Wonder)
14) Monumental (Floe Verse)
15) Show You Right (Shonuff) (prod. Blunt)
16) Your Eyes (prod. Prov P)
17) Live Live (prod. TymE)
18) Pressure (prod. Rick Gunnz The General)
19) Mercy (prod. 9th Wonder)
20) Untouchable (prod. 9th Wonder)

It was a real honor to have Quarter Inch Kings production siting side by side some real incredible producers and to be part of  EAF's  project.  I believe there is probably some links out there to d/l the tape just Google it.  If you can't find any you can certainly email us anytime and I'm sure we can find a way to get it to you. Check EAF on and/or  follow  on Twitter @eafloe

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sporadic ft. Sweats - Call It What You Will (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings))

Those that have been following the blog may know about this joint already. Sporadic ft Sweats - Call It What You Will (prod. by Verbs) is featured on M.ade I.n C.anada Vol 5 Presented by TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings and mixed by DJ Law. The download is available at or the link in post 13.

iLLvibe ft Lani Billard - Home (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

This song came out on iLLVibe's "In The Streets of iLLydelfya" which we posted previously. It's avail. at The download is free. Back up vocals were done by Lani Billard. Video production, and editing was done by iLLVibe.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings Present M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 5 Mixed by: DJ Law

TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings Present
M.ade I.n C.anada – Volume 5
Mixed by: DJ Law

Quarter Inch Kings have been very busy and things are just getting started. Here is the latest from TopLeft Recordings and Quarter Inch Kings: M.ade I.n C.anada Vol 5 mixed by Dj Law. Also track 12 Sporadic and Sweats - Call It What You Will was produced by Verbs. Currently the full mix version is available from the link below. Individual version will be available soon

Download: Mixed by DJ Law

Download: Individual Mp3s

DJ Law

The Quarter Inch Kings

Crate Connect

Top Left Recordings

Previous Releases
-TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 1
(Mixed by: Anonymous Twist)
-TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 2
-TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 3
(Mixed by: Anonymous Twist)
-TopLeft Recordings Presents… M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol. 4
(Mixed by: DJ Law)
-TopLeft Recordings & Morburn Music Present… T.O. vs MTL – Vol. 1
-TopLeft Recordings & Morburn Music Present… T.O. vs MTL – Vol. 2
(Mixed by: DJ Law)

-TopLeft Recordings & HipHopCanada Present… Welcome 2 The Future

Monday, March 28, 2011

M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol.5 (Sampler – Mixed by DJ Law)

M.ade I.n C.anada - Vol.5 (Sampler - Mixed by: DJ Law) from TopLeft Recordings on Vimeo.

TopLeft Recordings & Quarter Inch Kings Present

M.ade I.n C.anada – Vol.5 (Mixed by: DJ Law)

April, 12, 2011

The heading pretty much says it all. For those that don't know TymE has been helping with these releases pretty much from the jump. This is another great additon to the M.I.C. series with lots of blazing tracks; one of which is produced by Verbs 1/2 of the Quarter Inch Kings. Check out the sampler above mixed by Dj Law; and the official release date is scheduled for April 12th 2011. The download will be available @ at Top Left Recordings. Anybody interested in checking some of the previous releases in the series can d/l them from the right hand side clearly labeled M.I.C. Series Mixtapes

Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Old Remixes (The East Flatbush Project, Black Moon)

Been a minute since anything has been posted and like promised here is some additional older material to keep things moving. East Flatbush Project feat Ruste Juxx & Mirage Black - Head to Head, and Black Moon's  - How Many Emcee's are the remixes posted. We're still waiting on finishing touches for new stuff. Feel free to leave comments let us know what you guys think

Thursday, February 10, 2011

St. Laz ft Flame - Watch You Die

So as we finalize some newer joints we're going to post some older stuff that people may not have heard before. This here is a joint that was done by St. Laz of Brownsville Brooklyn featuring Flame. It can be found on the Dj Scarface mixtape Legal Crack Money Vol. 2 which was hosted by  Jo Jo Pellegrino. If you google it you can find multiple download links. Enjoy

Sunday, February 6, 2011

CKLN Has license revoked by CRTC. Sign the petition!!

The long and short of it is that the CRTC is pulling the plug on CKLN 88.1 FM on Feb. 12th 2011. Unless the decision is over turned before then or soon after we stand to lose a huge outlet for Hip Hop in Toronto as well a lot of  community programming; " a voice for the people". Sign the petition to show support and help them stay on the air The article below is taken directly from the CKLN website and give a more detailed account of what has happened.
"What really happened?
Thursday, 03 February 2011 15:12
As most of you have heard, CKLN has had its days numbered due to a recent decision by the CRTC to revoke our broadcasting licence.  Many people have asked why this is happening and how they can help keep us on the air.  First we recommend reading the CRTC's decision on their website, you can also sign our petition to keep us on the air.  Aside from the now-obvious legal avenues, many listeners have asked what else they can do to support the station.  Though we are limited in the initiatives we can pursue, the community at large has the real voice in this matter.  The first step is always education. We'd like to start by providing some information already available.  To fully understand the situation, we need to understand two things.  First is the current climate of broadcast media in general.  Three articles by the Globe and Mail and the CBC sum it up nicely (read more):

CBC: Media convergence, acquisitions and sales in Canada
CBC: CRTC's Internet billing decision appealed
Globe and Mail: Harper steps into Web dispute

There have also been various news articles written by these outlets:

The Globe and Mail
The Toronto Star
NOW Magazine
Exclaim! Magazine

The other important thing to understand is what the community has to say about the decision, our listeners are the reason we're on the air and their opinion MUST be represented to really understand what's going on.  Following are several places to read commentary about this.  We encourage all comments in every forum, the best thing anyone can do is let their voices be heard!

From TorontoMike
From BlogTO
From AllAccess
From Ryersonian

Lest we forget, community radio is today's term for what used to be called The Radio!  Having a broadcasting outlet for the community is absolutely a fundamental aspect of the medium, regardless of how it's administered. There are obvious reasons for the CRTC's decision that have been outlined very concisely in this CBC story.  However what has also been noted by even the CRTC itself is that even with a chaotic history like that, things have been on the mend ever since.  The real question should be: does the community want its own radio station anymore?  If the CRTC decision is allowed to stand there's no telling what will happen to the frequency, while Toronto will lose one more outlet for the community's voice to be heard!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iLLVibe - In The Streets Of iLLydelfya

iLLydelfya is the name of iLLVibe's new project (released Jan 31st). Quarter Inch Kings have produced two songs on the latest release. a Little background info, iLLVibe has recently come off a European tour (The Hip Hop Revolution Tour) and has been gaining a lot of momentum as an artist in the past few years. He has opened for many acts like Pharoahe Monch, Pete Rock and Slaughterhouse, Method Man, Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes and Classified and many more. iLLvibe was also nominated for "BEST RAP ACT 2009-10" for the Toronto Independant Music Awards for his previous album "Sex, Love & Hip Hop Soul" (Q.I.K contributed), but enough of the Bio stuff.  If you haven't heard of him or heard him you can download his newest project iLLydelfya free. The tracklisting is shown below as well as links to download link.

1.Home feat. Lani Billard (Prod by TymE aka ECP) 03:34
2.How To Make It In Toronto feat. D-Sisive (Prod by Absent Minded) 03:30
3.Saturday Morning feat. Exaduz & CJ (Prod by JL Prophet) 03:02
4.Pounds & Dollars feat. L.S., SirPlus & Koast (Prod by Vee Kay) 05:56
5.Will You Be Around? (Prod by Bun One) 03:50
6.I Don't Know Why feat. L.S. (Prod by TymE aka ECP) 02:51
7.Up In Smoke feat. Kwote1 (Prod by Rayne Drop) 02:28
8.The Light feat. L.S. (Prod by Rayne Drop) 04:56
9.Have I Told You? feat. CJ (Prod by Bun One) 02:54
10.Gettin' High & Layin' Low feat. Q & L.S. (Prod by Rayne Drop) 04:03
11.Feel The Night feat. RK ParX (Prod by Bun One) 03:12
12.Will You Be Around? feat. Redskin (Vee Kay Remix) 03:00

Download>> iLLVibe - In the Streets Of ILLydelfya
Follow iLLVibe on Twitter
iLLVibe on Facebook

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doki Dok - Jos Uvjek Sve Je Isto Balance Mixtape

A while back we were approached to do some work for Doki Dok an up and coming emcee out of Croatia. This is the result. Change the setting from 240 to 360/420 for better sound quality. I have no idea what the song is about or what he's saying lol, so if any one out there knows Croatian get at me please! Anyways this song is found on the Doki Dok - Balance mixtape and available for download at Check out more work from Doki on his MySpace

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oldie But Goodie. Sporadic - Can You Relate??

It's been awhile since we posted anything, so we decided to post up an old joint from Sporadic's first EP "The Alcatraz Bootleg EP" from 2000 and something (I can't remember the year exactly). The song was produced by Verbs features Nizm. If anyone is interested in the Sporadic The Bootleg EP get @ Sporadic through Some final touches are being put on alot of new material that will be released in 2011. Keep checking in for updates. 2011 is going to be a busy year to say the least.