Monday, March 31, 2014

Theo 3, Korry Deez, Adam Bomb - Significant REMIX The Quarter Inch Kings

Originally produced by Toronto's Lancecape features Theo 3, Korry Deez, and Adam Bomb. This is the Quarter inch Kings remixed version with radio edits. Original Dj pack is avail from

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Talksick - The Weapon LP prod by The Quarter Inch Kings / Dungeon Rap Video

It's been 12 years since Toronto's Talksick first debuted on Empire's "Runamuk: The Intro" LP. Since then he's been featured on countless songs and mixtape joints but never on his own project; until now. "The Weapon" is now here, 15 tracks prod by The Quarter Inch Kings mixed by PhameOne The Pro Tools Bully and features fellow S.A.R.S Network crew members T.R.A. and Caution,  Adam Bomb (Empire, Freedom Writers, NBS) the legendary Dj Grouch as well as Sean P (Duckdown). To highlight the release Talksick has also released a video for the second single "Dungeon Rap"  which is directed by Lyme Lyte Video. A upcoming third single and video will be chosen by the public. After taking in the album we encourage people to go to and vote for which song they would next want to see as the third single and video. To preview/stream the album head to >The SARS Network Bandcamp< and to purchase and support go here >The Weapon on itunes<. Previous videos and free DJ Pack links are listed below as well as twitter, facebook and all the usual media outlets. Enjoy!!

Previously released singles from The Weapon

Talksick ft T.R.A. - Dungeon Rap prod by The Quarter Inch Kings

DJ Pack D/L:

Talksick - Deja Vu prod by The Quarter Inch Kings