Thursday, January 19, 2012

TRA - YYZ High Official Video

Another SARS Network, Quarter Inch Kings, Pro Tools Bully (PhameOne) & Lyme Lyte Video team up. In this latest video,  TRA is sharing his new found YYZ ganja with his homies! I forgot where i was. Must be the hot box. lol. Anyways whether you smoke marijuana or not enjoy! More is always coming!

Download Link: TRA - YYZ HIGH Prod. TymE

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Friday, January 6, 2012

TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings present M.I.C. Vol. 6


The highly anticipated M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 6 presented by TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings is here. Volume 6 was mixed by DJ Law — the project includes 19 tracks featuring artists and producers from across the country.

M.ade I.n C.anada - Volume 6 (Mixed by: DJ Law)

Individual Mp3s

1. Puzzle - Like Yo! Ft. Tek Man & Paradox (Prod. by TymE)
2. Puzzle - You'll Know Me (Prod. by TymE)
3. Fish Grease Ft. Meese Forbes - My Life (Prod. by BeatMidas)
4. Citizen Kane - Return of the Kings (Prod. by BigSproxx)
5. Adversaree - Pitiless Villain (Prod. by KIC)
6. NewBreedMC - Blind (Prod. by Sean Prominent)
7. C.B.B. - Wide Eyes (Produced By: G'Kue)
8. Progress - Spark Your Brain (Prod. by BigSproxx)
9. Sporadic - Peace Mode (Prod. by YAZU)
10. J Shiltz Ft. RoyceBIRTH - Stuck In A Dream (Prod. by RoyceBIRTH)
11. Grindhouse Project Ft. D-Cal City - Heavyweights (Prod by Futurewave)
12. KDB - The Continuum (Prod. by St.Peter)
13. Archduke - Get That Cream
14. Flexo (C.B.B.) - Real World (Produced By. Formula 16)
15. Jae Maze Ft. Tanner Lane - Bless You
16. Ronin Ft. Anti Frantik - Minute or Two (Prod. by Dokis)
17. Trace Motivate Feat G-Imperial - Life This Good (Prod by Futurewave)
18. T-Wiss - Dark Clouds (Prod. by T-Wiss)
19. Mike Briz & Eastgate - Grind Away (Prod. by Pirate X)