Monday, April 27, 2015

TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings - M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 8 Mixed by DJ Law

 TopLeft Recordings and The Quarter Inch Kings have come together once again to present the latest installment of the acclaimed M.ade I.n C.anada mixtape series. M.I.C. Volume 8. Mixed by the award-winning DJ Law, and it features a lot of incredible Canadian talent.
 On top of a dope line-up of artists, Canada’s immense depth in production is really on display with this one as Volume 8 features bangers by Mike Dubbs, Emanuel Parks, Big Sproxx, Ashby, Central Parks, Cable, Durazzo, Phybaoptikz, Mannaz, B.K. Beats, Max Zims, Euphonic, and BOD Productions.

You can download the project below as separate MP3 files, or as one long mixed MP3. As a F.Y.I. M.I.C. Volume 9 is already in the works we’re also thrilled to give you a sneak peak at the line-up for. So far we’ve been able to confirm the project will feature Citizen Kane, Mathematik, Thrust, Dank (of Frank ‘n Dank), Babylon Warchild, Fish Grease and Lee Ricks with another 8 artsits to be selected.

Track Listing

01 – Break Neks – Lee Ricks (Prod. by Mike Dubbs)
02 – Due Dilligence – Lakes (Prod. by Emanuel Parks)
03 – Spit Real Game – Bangerville ft. T.R.A. (Prod. by Big Sproxx)
04 – Walking Away – TassNata (Prod. by Ashby)
05 – Keep The Meter Running – Chris Green (Prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)
06 – Trauma Unit – Fish Grease (Prod. by Central Parks)
07 – Take 2 – Cable ft. Age & Lakes (Prod. by Cable)
08 – Scraps – Eternia (Prod. by Durazzo)
09 – No Talkin’ – Daniel Son Feat. Mark Jordan (Prod. by Phybaoptikz)
10 – It Is What It Is – Mark Jordan & MIC GUTZ (Prod. by Mannaz)
11 – 90s Bak – TRPL-R ft. Kirk Steele (Prod. by B.K. Beats)
12 – Above The Clouds – SawBuck (Prod. by Max Zims)
13 – Keep It Moving – ES (Prod. by Euphonic)
14 – These Packages – Daniel Son ft. T Gramz (Remix)
15 – Rusted Coal – Solid Ground (Prod. by BOD Productions)