Sunday, April 21, 2013

Five Steez - Rebel Music Remix by The Quarter Inch Kings

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica emcee Five Steez has recently released a remix EP of songs found on his debut album titled "War for Peace". The 6 song project titled "War For Peace The Remix EP" came about through a combination of factors. First having multiple versions of the song "Growing Pains"
and secondly producer Zitro reaching out about remixing "Yard Ni**a Rap" and the rest was history. Production is handled by Zitro, Theory, Inztinkz, Dj MTM, DavidEnco and The Quarter Inch Kings. The Quarter Inch Kings produced "Rebel Music" remix (Rebel Remix) which has a seperate Dj pack download which includes Street, Clean, and Instrumental versions (link below). The original "War For Peace" LP as well as the Remix EP version are available at Five Steez's Bandcamp (links also bellow).

 Five Steez - Rebel Music Remix prod by The Quarter Inch Kings Dj pack:

 Five Steez on Twitter