Friday, May 4, 2012

Puzzle & Paradox - Not Yet Rated

Puzzle & Paradox ft Mike Devine - R.I.P. by The Quarter Inch Kings Puzzle & Paradox ft Talksick - If It's Hot by The Quarter Inch Kings

Both these joints are off of Puzzle and Paradox's album "Not Yet Rated". The album is available for download at The SARS Network Bandcamp and hard copies are available too (Check Puzzle's twitter to get a hold of him). The album is full of quotables and great beats from Big Sproxx, Kin Smuv, AmiR, Mo Smith, and KHZ & of course The Quarter Inch Kings. Featuring TRA, Talksick, Tek Man, Caution, Mike Devine,DJ Law, and 9th Uno; all mixed & mastered by The Pro Tools Bully himself PhameOne. Follow the links below

 Chris Green puzzle (puzz416) on Twitter
 PARADOX (paradoxrhymes) on Twitter
 PhameOne (phameone) on Twitter