Sunday, April 8, 2012

Caution ft DJ Grouch - On The Corner Official Video

 So here it is, the video for Caution's "On The Corner" ft DJ Grouch. In the video Caution takes you to the “Corner” as he makes his rounds across the city of Toronto and hits up the ScratchLab the infamous head quarters of DJ Grouch. The video is directed by Lyme Lyte and is the first official video from "Welcome to the Smoke Show" album which is set for release April 20th. The SARS Network is putting on a release party @ Tota Lounge 592 Queen St W on the 20th make sure to check it out.The DJ Pack Link is below make sure to D/L. Check The SARS Network bandcamp for all of their releases, Lyme Lyte for video needs, and we want to shout out PhameOne (The Pro Tools Bully) for all his work on the single and the album. Anybody needing some mixing get at this dude. Be sure to follow everyone via twitter from the links below.

-------Caution ft DJ Grouch DJ PACK------- 

 Caution The Don (dasmokeshow420) on Twitter
 Griziano Rivera (djgrouch) on Twitter
 Quarter Inch Kings (quarterinchking) on Twitter
 PhameOne (phameone) on Twitter
 Lyme Lyte Video on Twitter

 The SARS Network Bandcamp
 thesarsnetwork - YouTube

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