Monday, November 18, 2013

M.I.C. SERIES VOL 7 mixed by Dj Law


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TopLeft Recordings and Quarter Inch Kings present Volume 7 – the concluding chapter of the
 'M.ade I.n C.anada' mixtape series. Mixed by Dj Law, the collaborative project includes 29 original tracks by artists across the nation. Tracklisting below, and previous volumes of the series can be downloaded @

1. The Antiheroes Feat. D-Sisive (Prod. by Junia T)
2. Theo3 Feat. DJ Riccachet - Clouds (Prod. by Audible Doctor)
3. Adam Bomb - Real Shit (Prod. by Bigg Sproxx)
4. Tommy Spitz Feat. Starang Wondah - Help Me (Prod. by Shy Juelz)
5. L.E.S. - The Glory (Prod. by TMP)
6. Fish Grease - Hell Break Loose (Prod. by Criso & Dope Dee)
7. Talksick Feat. Episode - The Time Is Now (Prod. by Quarter Inch Kings)
8. Adversaree, Sporadic, DJ Grouch - What More Can I Say
9. Scandalis - Rhymes Cocky (Prod. by King)
10. Trace Motivate - Piece To The Puzzle (Prod. by Astro Mega)
11. UNO Feat. NewBreedMC, Louwop - Voicebox (Cuts by Relic) (Prod. by Dub Poets Collective)
12. Freedom Writers - The Grille (Prod. by Bigg Sproxx)
13. Theo3 -Thats Why I Came (Cuts by DJ Grouch) (Prod. by Psycho Les)
14. Big Troopz Feat. Mazaman, J Hood - Bullshit (Prod. by Mazaman)
15. Puzzle - Not The One (Prod. by Quarter Inch Kings)
16. Sawbuck Feat. S.T.A.Y. - Never (Prod. by DJ So Nice)
17. Connected By Blood - I Want It All (Prod. by Sergio & Bomber)
18. UNO - Childs Play (Prod. by Lancecape)
19. Adversaree - Crazy 8's (Prod. by Dan Hayden)
20. Tassnata - Gary Bettman (Remix)
21. Church Chizzle - Back At My Best (Prod. by RL Bowes)
22. Loe Pesci - Willie Nelson (Prod. by Addaboe)
23. Puzzle - Another One (Prod. by Quarter Inch Kings)
24. unknown2scientz - What U Should Know (Prod. by Unknown)
25. Rico Blox - The Reminder (People Forget) (Prod. by Shaun J. Miller)
26. Chain City - Ah Yeah (Prod. by royceBIRTH)
27. KingCon - Animal (Prod. by Shaun Cuts)
28. Murderface - Vengeance Is Mine (Prod. by Teknition)

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