Tuesday, October 8, 2013

M.I.C. Volume 7 Preview Video. Tape Release date: 10.29.13

TopLeft Recordings & The Quarter Inch Kings Present...
M.ade I.n C.anada - Volume 7

Mixed: DJ Law
Mastered by: Quarter Inch Kings

Tape Release date: 10.29.13 (Available @ micseries.com)

Featuring... Freedom Writers, Puzzle, Theo3, S.T.A.Y., Adversaree, Flight Distance, Mazaman, Talksick, The Antiheroes, L.E.S., Adam Bomb, Sporadic, Rico Blox, Connected By Blood, D-Sisive, Big Troopz, Tassnata,UNO, Tommy Spitz, DJ Grouch, Sawbuck, Louwop, J Grind, unknown2scientz, NewBreedMC, Fenaxiz, Loe Pesci, Scandalis, Church Chizzle, royceBIRTH.

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